A poetic fashion performance at 'Prelude' by Dutch Fashion Foundation, during Amsterdam Fashion Week. All models where standing on spots spread all over a room, where windows are open and curtains were blown into the space by a summer breeze. While the words of a poem, 'Walking Around' by Pablo Neruda were spoken by Samuel L. Jackson, the boys were standing and listening. The poem is about how hard it is to be a man against the joys of life. The visitors were watching and walking around, the models moved and sat in non choreographed performance. This performance was accompanied with a fashion show, where the models walked in groups, choreographed as it looked like military precision and discipline. 

Walking Around Corné GabriëlsWalking Around, Corné GabriëlsWalking Around, Corné GabriëlsWalking Around, Corné Gabriëls