The butterfly bowtie was designed for a very special occasion, meeting my father. At the same time Dutch Fashion Foundation director Angelique Westerhof asked me to produce the bowties for over 100 models/performers who were accompany the guests for the Dutch Fashion Awards 2012. The models were performing between the meals and shows in a poetic choreography by Martin Butler. From that moment on the butterfly bowtie were an instant success. Worn by many celebrities and photographed with national and international names, from models, actors to dancers, the butterfly bowtie was ready to fly around the globe.

Photo: RVDA | Reinier van der Aart

Dutch Fashion Awards 2012

Photo: Peter Stigter | RVDA

Photo: Najim el Ouahabi

The butterfly bowtie was later presented in luxurious flower shop IVY, Amsterdam, accompanied with music by singer/songwriter Sjors van der Panne. After a successful kick off, the small butterfly tour landed in Hotel de Russie in Rome Italy. With the support of Sebastiaan flowers and Bugaboo, this presentation gained attention in Italy, covered by newspaper La Repubblica. 

Photo: Sander de Clercq

Video: SINCE Productions

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